Sunday recap: Living in and loving the present

November 25, 2012

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This week was a great one. On Wednesday, my work day technically ended at 3:00. I put my laptop away at 6:00, which was three hours late but early for me, and left it away until Sunday evening.

That is huge for me. Big. Seriously. And it was amazing and much-needed.

I spent almost four full days living in the present – enjoying my family and my time with them – and loving every second of it. I got enough sleep, I relaxed, I watched two movies without working during them (I truly cannot remember the last time this happened, but it has been years), I had fun and I even got a ton of unpacking and chores done on Sunday.

So, needless to say, a lot of things made me happy this week. Here are just a few:

Thanksgiving sweetness

Both kids have been crazy excited for Thanksgiving for weeks. Mattix could hardly contain himself. On Thanksgiving morning, Ed was already downstairs with Molley when Mattix woke up. He came into my room at 6:30, crawled into bed with me, wished me Happy Thanksgiving, told me how much he loved me and that he was thankful for me, and proceeded to rub my face and whisper some of the sweetest things ever. Being a mom is often a huge privilege.

Family time

I was so glad to spend Thanksgiving at home. Really home. This is just one of the many moments that made me happy on Thursday. The kids and Grammy were happy, too.

Organizing my stuff

I’m all about having my jewelry and hair flowers and girly things organized. I finally put my space together completely. Cue happy sighs.

The Glow Worm

I bought this Glow Worm for Mattix before he even came home. He loved it as a baby desperately. I mean, a lot. He was 12 months old here:

Ed put new batteries in it this weekend for the first time in years. I’d say he still loves it.

Sibling love

The bedrooms in our house now are considerably smaller than those in our last house, and when I say “considerably,” I mean at least 60 percent smaller. I asked the kids if they each wanted their own room when we moved and they looked at me like I had three heads. They informed me, in no uncertain terms, that they would have none of it. They were sharing a room, please and thank you.

So, they’re doing it dorm style, but they’re even happier now than they were before. It turns out tons of space can sometimes be overrated. Ed hung their shelves up on Sunday and I completely finished their room.

Happy wife, happy life

If there’s anything Ed should have learned by now – after nearly 12 years of marriage – it’s that I’m always right. Okay, fine, I’m usually right. Secondary to that is when I have an idea in my head that I’m rather committed to, it’s happening one way or another. I knew which room I wanted to use as the playroom, but he was sure that wouldn’t work.

So, four hours and half of our Sunday later, we swapped out two large rooms, one of which was full of heavy furniture, and things look much better and are far more functional. All I’m saying is that if he’d listened to me in the first place, the movers could have put all of the heavy furniture in the right rooms. Ahem. In related news, someone may or may not be looking forward to going back to California for work. ;)

This is just one of the many shelving units that looks much better in its new home. Did I mention that yet?


Office Space

I’m not sure this one even needs any explanation. On Saturday night, Ed and I got the sniffly kids (both have colds) in bed and plopped down on the couch. He flipped on the TV and lucky us! One of my favorite movies.

I could keep going with this list because I felt particularly grateful for so much this week. The kids asked me not to work over the last few days and so I didn’t. Sometimes, 4- and 5-year-olds are far smarter than adults.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? What was your highlight? 

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Allison Ziering Walmark November 26, 2012 at 10:21 am

Sheer perfection.
In writing.
In children.


Terry November 26, 2012 at 12:47 pm

It was a wonderful holiday – one of my favorites was partnering with you and beating your dad and Ed how many times in a row??? (five or six but who’s counting) and getting outdoors sharing yard work with Matty and Molley. Your organizational skills are awesome (evidenced by the pics above). We all have a lot to be thankful for and family(time) is by far the best one! Cheers…there is more to come!


mimi lam November 26, 2012 at 9:48 pm

I truly admire your organize skils, everything looks so neat, and appropriate placed. Happy Holidays to your family, glad you are moving closer to your parents, and the kids get all the loves from their grandparents.


Jen November 27, 2012 at 7:57 pm

Good for you! Glad you are back with family and getting settled. ps- love the kid furniture! My two are in the same room as of two weeks ago…I think that they like it a lot :)


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