Friday fun: Sweet, sleeping babes

November 16, 2012

in Friday Fun

I love checking in on the kids when they are sound asleep. On the days I’m in the office, I either get home right before or right after they’re in bed. On the former days, I spend a few minutes playing with them and then I get them ready for bed and tuck them in.

On the latter, I linger just a bit longer after I do the final 1:00 am check before I go to bed.

On Thursday night, I had half an hour to play with the kids before bed and I enjoyed every single minute. After I’d gotten them all settled in, I went back downstairs and cozied up on the couch with a glass of wine. I’d just gotten comfortable when Mattix came down and asked me to sing him “a lullaby.” How could I say no to that?

I love that the kids aren’t aware yet that I’m clearly tone deaf. I sat in between their beds and attempted to sing to them. Mattix rubbed my arm and sang along with me.

Those moments are so fleeting and I know it. In three months, Mattix be six years old. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I worry a little bit about how much longer I’ll be so important to him. How much longer will he need or want me to sing to him?

I’ve never defined myself through other people – not friends, not my husband, not my kids.┬áSo I know that the next phase we move into will be just fine. It will be great in its own ways, just like this one and just like the others.

But I have to admit that the absolute sweet innocence and unconditional love make my world go ’round right now.


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