Sunday Recap: 5 Things that made me happy this week

November 14, 2012

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We took some pics of the kids today for holiday cards. And by “we,” I mean Ed. And I’m not going to pretend he was exactly pleased about the whole situation, only because it was nearly noon by the time we were in place to take the photos at my parents’ house and it was super sunny and it was apparently super shadowy as a result and I was going on and on about where I wanted the photos taken. But one will make it onto the card! This isn’t it, but it’s cute, right? I was just so happy to be at my parents’ house, with my family. So were the kids!

My sweet son

Mattix is strong – so very strong. He’s also sensitive. He tries his best to keep the latter part under wraps when he’s upset and he’s usually rather successful. I always can tell, but he fights some of his emotions. Last week, he was angry with me. The story is long, but his reasoning was solid. He didn’t want to talk to me or even look at me. My heart broke because all I wanted him to do was talk so we could work through it, but all he wanted was to be left alone. When he was finally ready to discuss it with me that evening, I was happy.  Sometimes, I need to remember that he just needs time – and I owe him that.

Barro’s Pizza

I grew up having Barro’s Pizza on Friday nights. My little brother called every Friday “Pizza Night” and we honored that almost weekly. Since that time, Barro’s added several more locations and it just so happens that one is near my house. Even better, Barro’s now makes gluten free pizza. Growing up, I didn’t know I had Celiac (even though it’s now very apparent that I did)  and so I enjoyed pizza night without worry. Now? It wouldn’t happen for me if not for Barro’s  jumping on the gluten free bandwagon. High five to my childhood favorite!

Arizona gas prices

A picture is worth a thousand words. There’s really not much more to say about this other than buying gas in Arizona is like buying gas in California on clearance. Apparently, people in Arizona think gas is expensive right now, but you haven’t overpaid for gas until you’ve filled up the tank of an SUV in SoCal.


Fun with friends 

Our friends Tiffani and Nick came over on Friday night to hang out, watch a ridiculous Showtime series that I’m insistent everyone see and and share laughs. They spent the night and left fairly early Saturday morning. How amazing is it to be near so many great people – who I can see regularly and not wonder how long it will be until the next visit? Tiff even left her own special glass at my house for regular visits.

Number images courtesy of Free Clip Art.

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Lisa in NZ November 15, 2012 at 11:22 am

Lots of great things! We have a great pizza chain here in NZ called Hell Pizza and they do fabulous gluten-free bases. All the main chains do, but the Pizza Hut and Domino’s just aren’t very nice. I would like it if they didn’t charge so much extra though for the GF base! I also blog at and have lots of recipes and so on if you’re interested. And if ever you’re in Napa, there are a couple of awesome places to eat!


Laura November 15, 2012 at 8:41 pm

Thanks for the blog address, Lisa! I will definitely check it out. Yeah, I always find it odd how much more gluten free pizzas cost. I get it to an extent, but not completely. If (when) I make it to NZ, I’m eating at Hell Pizza! ;)


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