Friday fun, photo version: Planking, 3-year-old style

December 17, 2011

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We are sooo close to actually moving. If you’re wondering what I’ve done to actually prepare for the move, I can now say that I went through hell courtesy of the HOA at our current condo to arrange for MY licensed, bonded, national chain movers (Mayflower) to, you know move us.

But that’s for another day. Beyond getting “permission” to open both locked entry gates so that MY movers can do things like get our piano out? I’ve dothing. Our current home is a wreck, half of our clothes are dirty in the laundry room, and I’m not yet sure what to do about this.

We did, however, go by the new home today so that I could have the alarm company add their equipment to the built-in alarm system and set it up. Yes, the very first thing I did was secure the security system.

Anyway, it was sort of a fiasco. The alarm installer was almost three hours later and it took him well over two hours. We hadn’t planned on that, so we had only brought a few toys for the kids and and our computers so we could work while we waited.

For my kids, what began as excitement over running through a big, empty house, screaming like wild animals and doing somersaults until I got dizzy watching them soon turned into boredom and listlessness.

(Then there was the incident where the kids mistakenly locked themselves in a closet. Unfortunately, I’m not exaggerating or making an effort to be funny when I say that this will be one of those incidents where Mattix has scary flashbacks when he’s 25. Poor little guy. Again, another post.)

Anyway, boredom had taken over. It was late, Mattix needed to use the bathroom (which necessitates total nu.dit.y, by the way. Is my kid the only one that has to strip it all off to do his business?) and I had to “keep him company” (refer to previous stuck-in-closet scenario).

I turned around and found this:

Molley, my 3-year-old, was doing what I can only describe as planking on the bathtub. I swear on all that’s holy, this is exactly what she was doing, on her own. If I could just live in her mind for a few days, it might make more sense. But it doesn’t.

What it does, however, is amuse me thoroughly.

This one is a little more normal. Again, I walked out back and found her perched up there, posing for no one and nothing in particular. Mattix hopped in the pic, but Moll? Was apparently waiting for it.

Hope you have a great stress-free weekend. By mid-week, you’re likely to find me rocking back and forth, sucking my thumb and humming softly to myself. And that’s assuming we complete the move.


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Christina December 17, 2011 at 10:35 am

Tell me when and I’ll be there with the wine.

PS. stick your dirty clothes in large trash bags and move them.


Dr. Cynicism December 22, 2011 at 12:35 pm

Having the kids do planking — you just totally won at parenting :-) Great blog by the way!


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